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Adjustable Cuff Slipper Sock

Free Adjustable Cuff Slipper Sock Pattern


Adjustable Slipper Sock

(Click On Image To Enlarge and/or Print It)


Small Blue Knifty Knitter
Loom Hook
Yarn Needle
Large Crochet Hook


R1: Ewrap All Pegs
R2: Ewrap All Pegs
R3: Ewrap All Pegs
R4: Flat Stitch, All Pegs
R5: Skip Pegs 1-12, Braid Stitch To End
R6: Skip Pegs 1-12, Braid Stitch To End
R7: Braid Stitch Pegs 1-12, Skip Remaining Pegs
R8: Braid Stitch Pegs 1-12, Skip Remaining Pegs
R9: (With Working Yarn At Peg 1) Decrease from Peg 12 to Peg 11, Ewrap
R10: (With Working Yarn At Peg 11) Decrease from Peg 1 to Peg 2, Ewrap
R11: (With Working Yarn At Peg 2) Decrease from Peg 11 to Peg 10, Ewrap
R12: (With Working Yarn At Peg 10) Decrease from Peg 2 to Peg 3, Ewrap
R13: (With Working Yarn At Peg 3) Decrease from Peg 10 to Peg 9, Ewrap
R14: (With Working Yarn At Peg 9) Decrease from Peg 3 to Peg 4, Ewrap
You will now have ‘holes’ on each side of your loom.
R15: Reach in and pull up completed portion. Using the loops on the edge of the ‘holes’, place one loop on each of the empty pegs.
R16: Ewrap All Pegs

Continue to Ewrap all pegs to desired length. Tie off by using yarn needle to thread through each loop, then remove the loops from the loom and pull the yarn tight.

Use the large crochet hook to chain a ‘tie off’ for the sock. Thread through cuff.


Ruth from knifter knitters says:

Hi thanks for the pattern. What kind of yarn did
you use for the slippers and did you use 2 strands
as one?

You’re welcome! I used Lion Homespun yarn for it:

and I only used one strand. HTH~!

erica says:

hi this is erica mcmillan, please email me any info on crocheting and any patterns on scarfs, hats, purses, blankets? please let me know.

thank you


my email is

Check out for more information and our weekly podcast about what is going on. Lots of great information all for free.

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