Moxie & Mel

{October 14, 2006}   Dear Moxie–

The photos look absolutely fantabulous!  You are very very talented with a camera!

Speaking of talented, how is your article for Saponifier Magazine coming along?  I know you’ve been busting your tail feathers trying to get everything done!

I wanted to let you know that I have been sewing!  Yes.. mel is sewing!  LOL  Scary huh?  This whole sewing thing began a couple months ago when my daddy went to an auction and “accidentally” bid on an old cabinet Singer.  How does an accidental bid happen you ask?  Well, when you are outside and know that there is a piece of furniture that you wanted to bid on that happens to be sitting next to a sewing machine, and the auctioneer walks over that direction so you run in and place your bid quickly, accidents happen!  LOL  So he picked up this machine dirt cheap then called me and asked if I would use it if he brought it to my house.  I told him that I’d try!  Having never sewn a stich since that sewing class my mom enrolled me in when I was 10,  (I think your sister attended said class with me) I did what I do every time I look at something and say “duh”!  I picked up a copy of Sewing For Dummies!  It’s a good thing I did!  My dad has been having “a pain in the neck” from his work and so I grabbed some clearance fabric resembling corduroy for $1 a yard and some dried lentils.  I made him a thing that he can put in the microwave then wrap around the back of his neck!  Of course it’s nothing fancy, but it works great!  I was thinking.  I visited a bulk food store in Shipshewana.  I wonder if they would happen to have bulk buckwheat hulls.  Of course they don’t have a website being there in Amish country, so I guess I’ll just have to go back to see for myself!  Darn!  LOL

Well here’s wishing you good flow and great grammar with your article!




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