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{October 6, 2006}   Dear Mel-

It’s so exciting! I can hardly contain myself!

Whats that you say? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Well here…take a peek!

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Still not sure what I mean? READ IT!

Yep! It’s true!

The ‘All That Glitters’ scarf is the source of our very first press for Moxie & Mel! It was picked by Kristopher Dukes, which is very exciting in and of itself! (For those of you who don’t know why, check out this bio!

Yay Moxie & Mel!

~ Moxie, who is bouncing up and down in her chair!


{September 29, 2006}   Excitement In The Shop!

Yay! The Moxie & Mel shop is getting there, and I finally have my very first knitted item – the “All That Glitters” scarf – for sale in the Moxie & Mel Etsy Shop!

Check it out here!

{September 8, 2006}   Dear Mel-

Oh now I am so jealous I can hardly stand it. That carousel is just gorgeous. Mom wants to know when it’ll be delivered, said she’ll take the pool down to make room for it. Yes…I said take the pool down.  How redneck are we? Inflatable pool. Here’s a picture:

So yes..your trip. Amazing pictures. Love the shot of your Mom and Sis. Totally fell for those quilts! I want a hawaiian shirt quilt! If anyone out there can sew and wants to send me one, I’d like it in bright tropical colors. *grin*

That clock is stunning. I’d love to have it delivered for you for Christmas, but I’m sure it probably costs as much as a small third world country. And now…

Ahhhh. The chocolate. Big fat size of your hand chocolate. I can’t believe you are teasing everyone with those pictures of rows and rows of yummy treats. How wrong is that? I’d like a dozen of the turtles please. Can you have them shipped to my work? Great!

Speaking of work, the new schedule is really running me ragged. I’m working 6pm-2am. Bed about 3am then up at 7am to take Bubba to school. Back home at 9 and study/work until 11, then sleep until 2pm. Pick up Bubba from school at 2:30, then home by 3 and pick up the older two from the bus stop at 3:45. In the shower at 4:15, out the door to work by 5:30. I can’t wait for training to be over and a ‘normal’ shift to kick in! I need eight consecutive hours of sleep! Since I am so sleep deprived, I thought I would give you the cliff notes version of my thoughts today…

Websites I love:

I love love love that they tell you all about the animal your fibers are coming from. How much does THAT rock? Ah if only they had….

My current obsession:

Citrus bc Colonia Knitting / Felting Yarn

A comment on Project Runway:

Yay! I couldn’t be happier! Vincent AND Angela gone. I know, I know…you don’t watch the show. Trust me though, you would be cheering as loudly as I am over it. Angela had a ‘style’ that meant putting rosettes E V E R Y W H E R E and her stuff looked more like a bag lady’s attire than a designer outfit.  Then there was creepy Vincent, who would say things like (in response to the judges poo pooing his design) “Well it got me off”. EWWWWWWWW. Creepy guy. Yuck.

Myspace: Moxie and Mel’s Myspace page is up and running. Check it out here:

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My next project:

Got to – got to! – finish the second sock for Miss Christine and the second panel of the-afghan-that-ate-my-life. Then ..maybe a bigger version of the bag? Maybe I can fit a small headband into the schedule soon too.

Hope you have a good weekend at the lake!


{September 7, 2006}   Dear Moxie–

I had a FABULOUS time in Shipshewana yesterday! I got some fantastic photos also! I think I finally figured my camera out! I say that, but hope that you don’t expect “Moxie quality” pics, but I thought they came out pretty well for a camera that fit into the “Mel budget”! LOL

I was able to visit the huge flea market that they have there on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the summer. I’ve never been there during the week before so yesterday was a nice treat. There must have been 1,000 vendors there offering their wares at negotiable prices. Of course there were the booths that had boxes and boxes of “dollar store” stuff, but there were also many true crafters on hand demonstrating their hand created items that you can’t find anywhere else. I was especially drawn to a local artist offering her oil paintings in frames that were built by her husband. Such beautiful artwork and at a very reasonable price. Just FYI, if you ever get the chance to visit Shipshe (dubbed by the locals) flea market, be sure to arrive by 9 o’clock in the morning in order to see everything! They roll up the sidewalks in that town around 5 each evening with the exception of a couple stores and restaurants.

I took 22 photos, but I’ll just post a couple here then if you want to see the rest you can go to my flickr account and see those.

Let’s start with the pictures of the carousel!

I wish I could have gotten a better angle on it, but there was a huge window behind it and the afternoon sun was shining in brightly!

After my mom and sister were done looking at every single thing that was for sale on the 3rd floor of The Davis Mercantile Community, they FINALLY followed a very antsy Mel to the 1st floor to visit Lolly’s!

I couldn’t resist taking these pictures in “heaven”! LOL Oh no! I just realized that I forgot to get a pic of the “boatload of fat quarters”. A quilter’s dream! They have a small rowboat inside the store that is overflowing with quarter yards of a zillion different prints of fabric!

After my sister drug me from the store kicking and screaming, we started down the main street in town where all of the homes built from the late 19th century to the early 20th have been converted into specialty shops.

Our next stop was The Riegsecker Marketplace. They have a huge line of Howard Miller clocks and handcrafted furniture.

By the way, If you can possibly fit this in my stocking, I would love you forever!!! LOL

After more walking and shopping we made our way to “the big red barn” AKA Yoder’s Dutch Country Store.

There are 9 shops inside including Lotions And Potions and Shipshe Log Furniture. There is also a beautiful country scene mural, painted by a local artist, on the wall over the front doors.

By the time we were done browsing there, we were in need of a little pick-me-up, so we found a little shop that is now rivaling Lolly’s for my favorite!

Need I say more??? With all that beautiful chocolate staring me in the face and calling to me, you would be proud to know that I only indulged in ONE piece!

Granted, it was as big as my head, but I only ate ONE piece of chocolate all day! LOL BTW, you can have some of these South Bend Chocolate Company turtles shipped to your door!
Believe it or not, after the chocolate shop, we stopped for some authentic Amish home cooking and then started on our trek back home. It was a wonderful day filled with my very favorite things. Crafts, crafting supplies, the company of my family, and of course CHOCOLATE!

If the clock doesn’t fit into my Christmas stocking, maybe you could just stuff a zillion more days like yesterday into it!

Big Huggzz–


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