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{January 8, 2007}   Remember Me?

I know, I know. I have been super neglectful of this adorable little blog and all the fun products that go with it for Moxie & Mel. Truth is, I’ve been SWAMPED with things for Natural Magic Soaps and we’ve had a bit of familial drama. Such is life.

However, I haven’t abandoned hope just yet. I’ve been working on my products here and there and collecting more ‘inspiration’ of late. Which brings me to today’s topic.

Gay Gadgets.

Yes, you read that correctly. Gay Gadgets.

You might find yourself wondering exactly what Gay Gadgets are; those of you with less-than-clean imaginations might even be picturing an item or two. I can assure you your wildest dream wouldn’t come up with these babies:

Gay Gadgets Title

Thats right folks. I give you: Shade pulls, lamp pulls and curtain pin backs, the Gay Gadgets included in the 1954 Coat’s & Clark “Kitchen Crochet”, Book No. 304 (originally 10 cents, in case you were wondering).

Here’s a look at the lovely items you too can make!

Gay Gadgets Pin Backs

Gay Gadgets Pulls

Gay Gadgets Tie Backs

If you fancy yourself up to the task of whipping up a Gay Gadget or two, feel free to use the scanned in instructions. I’d love to see any finished products!

Gay Gadgets Instructions Page 1

Gay Gadgets Instructions Page 2


{October 11, 2006}   Moxie and Mel Photo Shoot I

Here are the snapshots from our very first photo shoot.








All in all it was a rather successful day! We’re hard at work on the descriptions and pricing structure, but stay tuned and you’ll find these wonderful items in our Etsy shop soon!

Next photo shoot: Scarves and Hats at Round Island!

{October 9, 2006}   Dear Mel-

I have pictures. Here’s a teaser…

Want to see more? Get me those descriptions!

Love and such

{October 6, 2006}   Dear Mel-

It’s so exciting! I can hardly contain myself!

Whats that you say? You don’t know what I’m talking about? Well here…take a peek!

ThisNext Blog

Still not sure what I mean? READ IT!

Yep! It’s true!

The ‘All That Glitters’ scarf is the source of our very first press for Moxie & Mel! It was picked by Kristopher Dukes, which is very exciting in and of itself! (For those of you who don’t know why, check out this bio!

Yay Moxie & Mel!

~ Moxie, who is bouncing up and down in her chair!

{October 6, 2006}   Dear Mel-

I’m a total slacker. I’ve been completely absent and I am sorry for that.  Things have been oh-so-hectic around here (what’s new, right?) and I just haven’t had the spare time to post. Add to that the fact that there hasn’t been anything really worthy of posting and you get…absentee Moxie.

So… here is a little something I’ve been working on in my ‘spare time’ to entertain you and the 4 other people who are reading this *waves to Georgia, Tanya, Tonya and Michelle*– pictures of some of your delightful creations.

You’ll have to post up some descriptions for them so we can get them on Etsy!

Hope all is well in the frozen north!


{September 29, 2006}   Excitement In The Shop!

Yay! The Moxie & Mel shop is getting there, and I finally have my very first knitted item – the “All That Glitters” scarf – for sale in the Moxie & Mel Etsy Shop!

Check it out here!

{September 3, 2006}   Dear Mel-

What a great day we had today! We headed out early this morning. We took the kids to the park and spent the rest of the day wandering at Florida Oceanographic Center. Here are a couple pictures from the park:
The Boy takes flight

Princess Poses

Bubba On The Bobble Thing

Of course, the best part for me was the total immersion in nature. I love spending time taking pictures of wildlife and flowers, so I was on cloud nine!

Sea Hibiscus

Little Blue Heron


We headed for the hills when the afternoon storms rolled in, running off to Hurricane Grill for some wings and frosty beverages.

Afternoon Thunderstorm

It broke our hearts to see what they’ve done to the place. It looks like a Miami Subs inside, all glossy and touristy. The food wasn’t nearly as good, the service was terrible and they’ve raised the prices (and made the beverage cups smaller!).

We consoled ourselves with a trip to Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins- coffee and ice cream can cure a lot of ills!

I did finish off the first slipper sock for Miss Christine last night/early this morning. I used a new pattern, one I designed myself. It goes directly from the cuff into the heel and uses a thick chain woven through the cuff to make it adjustable. It just happens that Princess has the same size feet as Miss Christine, so she modeled it for me:

New Slipper Sock

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but I think for the next set I’ll try for more of a ‘scuff’ style. I think if I eliminate all but the last row or two of the heel, I might be able to achieve it. Anyway, I’ll have them done and ready to go tomorrow! I can’t believe how quickly they knit up. Have I mentioned I love my knitting looms?
I think we’ll probably round out the holiday weekend with a trip to the beach tomorrow. Knowing that I’ll be starting work makes me want to spend as much time with the family as possible. Can’t wait to talk to you and I hope you’re having as wonderful a weekend as we are!


{September 2, 2006}   Dear Mel-

A new house for your sister? I’m green with jealousy. You can probably see my spotty aura from there. I want a new house. ~sigh~  Now I’ll have to live vicariously through you ladies. Tell me all about the new place! And how are your renovations coming? Any before and after photos?

Today was a very laid back day. It started with a bright sunny morning. It was just the kids, me and the butterflies…

Butterfly In Sunlight


Jim went fishing all morning and then we headed up to Vero. Lunch at Ruby Tuesdays (salad bar, yum!) and a bit of wandering around stores and shops made the day pleasant. We also detoured to the thrift store and found a dress that will eventually morph into Princess’ Halloween costume. I’ll have to post pictures of that later.

I worked a little bit on the afghan-that-ate-my-life. I have about 1/4 of the second panel done, but I keep getting distracted by shiny new yarns that scream “knit with me knit with me” or patterns that call out “you could do this..and this..and this..and then I would be the PERFECT pattern. Just try it. You know you want to. All your friends are doing it!” I’m not kidding. Just look at their faces. They’re evil little temptresses…dealers waiting for me to get the shakes and give in. And that orange one is SO yummy looking.

Yarnie Goodness

Did I mention the blue Homespun is going to be worked into some slipper socks for Miss Christine to wear at work? She asked, I couldn’t say no, now could I? Here’s a better look at it…

Blue Homespun

I know I know. Focus has never been one of my better qualities!

In the wonderful way children have of making us feel better about our shortcomings (like..oh..Knitting ADD) Bubba has claimed panel-one-of-the-afghan-that-ate-my-life as his own. He’s come to the conclusion that it is exactly…well…Bubba-sized.

Bubba and the Blankie

Off to work on panel-two-of-the-afghan-that-ate-my-life again. Can’t wait to get the box from you!


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