Moxie & Mel

{January 16, 2007}   Dear Moxie–

Oh wow!! How beautiful! It was definitely worth the wait! If it is even half as wonderful as the scarf you gave me for Christmas, I don’t know how you’ll part with it!

I wish I had some progress to report but I haven’t taken any time to craft lately. I made a bunch of those “bean bag” things that go in the microwave and then you lay them across your shoulders or around the back of your neck or whatever, but I gave them all away as holiday gifts. My sewing machine is collecting a layer of dust from the kitchen remodel. Well, frankly, everything is collecting a layer of dust. I’ll be so happy when the drywall is finished.

I think I’ll wait until I go to the lake this summer to start making more jewelry.  That is one of the crafts that I can transport easily.  It’s nice to sit on the deck and watch the water while I’m beading.

My dad will be moving into his new house this summer so it looks like the stained glass and equipment will be moving to my house about then too! That will be fun. I haven’t made anything out of stained glass in over a year and I really miss it! I guess now would be a good time to drag out the drafting paper and start drawing patterns.

Well that’s about all I know for now! I was really excited to see your new scarf. It is so beautiful!




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