Moxie & Mel

{January 17, 2007}   Movin’ On Up!

Moxie and Mel has finally moved to a great new home! Come on by and post a little!


{January 16, 2007}   Dear Moxie–

Oh wow!! How beautiful! It was definitely worth the wait! If it is even half as wonderful as the scarf you gave me for Christmas, I don’t know how you’ll part with it!

I wish I had some progress to report but I haven’t taken any time to craft lately. I made a bunch of those “bean bag” things that go in the microwave and then you lay them across your shoulders or around the back of your neck or whatever, but I gave them all away as holiday gifts. My sewing machine is collecting a layer of dust from the kitchen remodel. Well, frankly, everything is collecting a layer of dust. I’ll be so happy when the drywall is finished.

I think I’ll wait until I go to the lake this summer to start making more jewelry.  That is one of the crafts that I can transport easily.  It’s nice to sit on the deck and watch the water while I’m beading.

My dad will be moving into his new house this summer so it looks like the stained glass and equipment will be moving to my house about then too! That will be fun. I haven’t made anything out of stained glass in over a year and I really miss it! I guess now would be a good time to drag out the drafting paper and start drawing patterns.

Well that’s about all I know for now! I was really excited to see your new scarf. It is so beautiful!



{January 13, 2007}   Finally Free..

Dear Mel-

I’m proud to announce that I’m finally free of the overwhelming guilt I’ve been living with.

If you’re unsure as to which guilt I’m referring, it’s the guilt of leaving a perfectly lovely scarf sitting half done on a loom since Sept. 25th. Yep, this little one has been hanging over my head for over three months.

But at last,  it is complete! I give you “Tide Me Over” (formerly referred to as The Skinny Scarf, but I like this name better)!

I know that the pictures aren’t the best, but the sense of sheer excitement at having finished it and lifted it off the loom made it impossible to even wait just long enough for sunshine.

It’s extra long and oh-so-skinny, soft as can be and doubles as a whip for misbehaving children. Okay, I admit it. We came up with more possibilities (as it is rather ‘rope-like’), but this is a G-rated blog, so use your own imagination!

While I’m writing I also want to share my next project with you. This WIP is a wonderful wrap I’ve been meaning on making. It can be used either as a standard wrap (around the shoulders) or for the beach lovers as a cover up for their bikini bottoms.

So there’s *my* work in progress…where’s yours?

Hugs and such,

{January 8, 2007}   Remember Me?

I know, I know. I have been super neglectful of this adorable little blog and all the fun products that go with it for Moxie & Mel. Truth is, I’ve been SWAMPED with things for Natural Magic Soaps and we’ve had a bit of familial drama. Such is life.

However, I haven’t abandoned hope just yet. I’ve been working on my products here and there and collecting more ‘inspiration’ of late. Which brings me to today’s topic.

Gay Gadgets.

Yes, you read that correctly. Gay Gadgets.

You might find yourself wondering exactly what Gay Gadgets are; those of you with less-than-clean imaginations might even be picturing an item or two. I can assure you your wildest dream wouldn’t come up with these babies:

Gay Gadgets Title

Thats right folks. I give you: Shade pulls, lamp pulls and curtain pin backs, the Gay Gadgets included in the 1954 Coat’s & Clark “Kitchen Crochet”, Book No. 304 (originally 10 cents, in case you were wondering).

Here’s a look at the lovely items you too can make!

Gay Gadgets Pin Backs

Gay Gadgets Pulls

Gay Gadgets Tie Backs

If you fancy yourself up to the task of whipping up a Gay Gadget or two, feel free to use the scanned in instructions. I’d love to see any finished products!

Gay Gadgets Instructions Page 1

Gay Gadgets Instructions Page 2

et cetera