Moxie & Mel

{September 4, 2006}   Dear Moxie–

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. Huge things going on here. Whew! Where to start? Hmmm….

With the people accepting my sister’s offer on the new house there was a ton of work to be done on her old house to get it ready for market. (~this little piggie went to market….~ LOL) Initially she thought she would keep her old house for awhile and finish her improvements then put it on the market and hopefully make a little money, but when she was really honest with herself about it, she realized that financially the better decision would be to finish the projects that she already had started and get the sign in the yard more quickly. So we all trotted off to help her get things finished up. She has already had two bites on it. One gentleman from her work stopped by to look at it yesterday. He brought his wife and kids and they all loved it. They’ve been living in an apartment for 3 years and were excited about the prospect of owning their home and having a nice yard for the little ones. He was honest with my sister about his lack of credit though and told her not to pass up a chance to sell while waiting on him to find a creditor that was willing to take a chance. I find that whole thing very sad. Here he is, a man with a very good paying job that has always kept his household bills current and saved for the things he wanted instead of asking a bank to finance him, and he’s being penalized for this by making him pay a higher interest rate or not getting financing at all while they tell him that even if he’d financed something in the past and not paid the payments, it would be easier to get him the loan. I find this system appalling!

So after Saturday afternoon was spent helping Sis, hubby and I came home and somehow I convinced him to help me clean off the porch. We have a lovely wrap around porch and have never really sat on it. The weather here is nice and cool, so after the cleaning (that took all of 15 minutes) we sat outside sipping wine and chatting. I thought it was a nice way to spend the evening, but I guess I was boring him because he started calling around looking for someone to come and hang out with us. Once his “party plan” was in action, I came inside and got some things ready to throw on the grill. My dad stopped by for a bit (long enough to eat) and then Keith’s friends started arriving. We ended up eating, having a few drinks and playing cards well into the night. We had a nice time. I don’t think we’ve entertained since New Year’s Eve! Of course I didn’t consider this to be “entertaining”. You know me, I like to spend all day in the kitchen creating a meal that’s “just fabulous” and have my guests all sit around the table (complimenting me on my hard work and wonderful cuisine, LOL) when I “entertain”. This was so much more relaxed with people walking around eating hotdogs and trying not to drip mustard on the floor. I must say though, I had as much fun as I do at my stuffy parties and we had this thing put together in about 30 minutes! The only bad part is that we drank all of the wine that I got from a little winery that I just fell in love with that is located in Holmes County, Ohio. Looks like a good excuse for a ROAD TRIP!!!

So that was Saturday! Then on Sunday we lounged around for a couple hours in the morning before we went to my cousin’s youngest daughter’s birthday party. What a fantastic time visiting with family and enjoying the kids. The party was held at my cousin Doug’s house in his newly built “party building”. I was so very impressed with this building. It’s just a metal building but when you walk in throught the double doors it’s simply amazing. Inside there a large open area where they had set up tables and chairs, but it also had 2 built in booths like in a restaurant only larger, a pool table, air hockey table, pinball machine, and a couple stand alone video games. One of them was Space Invaders! I love that game! Anyway, just around the corner from that area you find a kitchen with every modern convienience and a design that rivals anything you see on HGTV. If you look the other way from the kitchen, there is another set of double doors that lead into a gymnasium with a full basketball court and bleachers set up for the fans. Out the other door of the gym you’ll find a hallway that leads to a bathroom (you could fit 2 1/2 of my bathrooms in this one) and (here’s my favorite part) the movie theater! Two tiers with 6 fully reclining movie seats on each face a 109 inch screen with a fully functional Dolby surround sound system included! It was almost impossible to drag hubby out of there once the Nascar race started! I knew that Doug had been working on something he called a “rec room”, but I had no idea this was what he meant. Oh, I forgot that there is an upstairs in this building, but I have absoultely no idea what’s up there. Probably the roller rink! LOL

So that’s where I’ve been lately.

I see that you’ve been equally as busy this weekend! I was so sad to hear that what I knew as Chris’ Hurricane Grill wasn’t good anymore. They used to have the most incredible wings and you could actually afford to go there. I guess without Theo’s next door, everything’s changed. 😦

The slipper socks for Christine are gorgeous! I bet her swollen feet will be in a very happy place wearing those!

And last but not least, your talent in photography never ceases to amaze me! The photos of the butterfly are phenomenal!!!

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day!

Huggzz to all–


P.S.  I forgot another interesting thing that happened this weekend.  I was trying to step off the curb to get into my car and somehow stepped wrong and the next thing I knew, I was on the asphalt on my knees, one hand and the side of my face!  It was probably comical to watch, but from my end, it was just painful!  I did keep from skinning my left palm though thanks to my phone.  I paid so much for that stupid thing, with a bazillion features that I have no idea how to operate, that there was no way I was going to let it hit the pavement.  The poor person on the other end of my conversation was a little confused by my stopping mid-sentence to chant “I’m gonna cry, I’m gonna cry, I look like an idiot, I’m gonna cry!”  LOL


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