Moxie & Mel

{August 30, 2006}   Dear Mel-

Wow @ the storm system you kids had up there. I can totally sympathize-What a dreary day it is here!
Tropical Storm Ernesto is basically a really long rainstorm. It’s grey and yucky and just plain WET here! Here’s a quick clip I got while dodging rain bands.

I’m taking advantage of the inside time to work out the scarflets I have been plotting. Due to my current ‘storage system’ (read: plastic store bags stuffed with items randomly and shoved under the bed) I can’t find the adorable vintage-style buttons (one has an argyle pattern! they’re chocolate and turquoise and pink! I am in love with them and it breaks my heart that I can’t find them 😦 ) I went with a ‘keyhole’ pattern that I adapted. Here are the results:

Scarflet Scarflet Scarflet

I’m taking a break while I add a brim onto a hat The Boy is making for his teacher, then I’ll be back on the scarflet track. I’m thinking I’d like to do one with more of a ‘pattern’ to it.

Talk to you soon~



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