Moxie & Mel

{August 23, 2006}   Dear Mel-

LOVE love love those belts! Really. Love them. I want one of those in MY stocking!

The necklaces are awesome, but then I’m sure you knew that!

Your class reunion sounds fun! I won’t even comment on the fake id thing…lol

Speaking of reunions….

I thought I’d update you on someone from our past…his name was Ken and he was from KY. *grin* You’ll probably remember him best from the time when Dad caught him laying on the back of the couch and  reamed him for it…lol.

Anyway, he works with Firegirl now (Firegirl is my sister, the firefighter for those who don’t know) as a fire fighter and is working on becoming a model. Because she’s been working on her portfolio, she took some shots for his comp cards and I thought you’d enjoy seeing what he looks like now!

Kenneth from Ky

Okay, on to the good stuff!

This morning was beautiful! It’s been unbearably hot and icky here with lots of cloud cover, but this morning the sun was trying hard to beat the clouds at their own game and it made for a really pretty sky. I snapped a quick picture for you:


Last night The Boy finished his second hat. Now he and Bubba match…

The Boy in his hat

Bubba in his hat

I worked on the last of my first ‘garment’ for Princess. I’m pretty proud of it, even with all its flaws…

Princess' Tank Top

Today I’m going to work on a hat and then I’ve PROMISED myself I will finish another panel for the afghan!

Hope all is well in your world~



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