Moxie & Mel

{August 22, 2006}   Dear Moxie–

WoW @ The Boy’s hat! That kicks butt! So proud of him for sticking with it and getting it done.

About the class reunion, I had a blast! Was so cool to see everybody again. We had a pretty good turn out for the thing at the golf course then all the party people went to a dance club after. Was kinda funny when we got to the club. It was filled up with the same people that had fake i.d.’s and went clubbing when we were younger! (Of course I am guessing because I wasn’t one of those fake i.d. having, under age drinking, dance floor hogging kids! LOL) The best part is that the guy that I would have voted most shy in school has totally come out of his shell and he and his wife hung out with Keith and me all evening. We’re planning to get together for a bbq this weekend!

O.k. as requested (repeatedly) here are some pictures of my jewelry. I have many more, just no pictures as of yet. Still working on that for you!

Also, here’s one of the belts I’ve been ‘whipping’ up


Those pictures don’t really do them justice, but I’m working on that!

Have a fantastic day!




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