Moxie & Mel

{August 21, 2006}   Dear Mel-

Loved the links to all the shops in Shipshewana, thanks for sharing. Looks like a wonderful place to go waste a serious amount of time! How’d the class reunion go?

We spent our Saturday driving hither and yon. Hubby went fishing in the morning (caught a ton of fish and one unfortunate seagull who decided to eat his lure). Princess spent the night with Cat so we had to pick her up when he got home. After that came a quick trip to the yarn depot (30% off day…got five skeins for $7. I’m so good~!) and then back home. Vikki got here shortly afterwards and we headed off to the home improvement store and muddled our way through buying the items to install new tile in her bathroom and added in a new front door for her house.

Sunday was spent watching Jim install said tile. Princess and Bubba watched the movie Anastasia while The Boy and I worked on some new knits. I’m so proud of him- he had a ball with it, stuck to it and finished his first hat in about three hours! Here he is showing off for the camera:

The Boy's Hat

The Boy's Hat

I joined the stitch and rip club. I redid my latest four times; I just wasn’t happy with it. Eventually I settled into something I liked and churned out yet another scarf. I love the baby soft pink and chocolate together. Pretty but preppy. I think this one will get a matching hat (brown brim, pink hat?) to go with it.

Pink and Chocolate

Pink and Chocolate

I think I’ll work on a wrap today. Or maybe some neck pillows…I really SHOULD do the next panel in the afghan, but I just can’t ‘feel’ it

Hope all is well with you and I’m STILL waiting for the pictures!



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