Moxie & Mel

{August 17, 2006}   Dear Mel-

I can’t wait to see the hemp choker..I’ve always loved them, but prefer really simplistic designs myself. Sorry to hear about the space crunch at your place..I’m still jealous that you have your own house already while ours is still a dream and several paychecks away.

In response to your question about the scarves, I would have to say…I don’t know. LOL

One of the benefits of living in the Sunshine State is that we don’t have ‘fall clothing’ or ‘winter clothing’. We have shorts and tank tops, jeans and tshirts with the occasional jacket thrown in if it dips to the 40s or so. Anyway, the scarves are both fairly substantial but didn’t make us swelter too much in the 90 degree heat when snapping pictures. Hope that helps *grin*

I’ve definatly been busy over here. I finally decided to take a picture of the crummy belt..I suppose it’s not so bad, but it does remind me of something you would have seen closing up the robe of some cheesy ‘adult’ movie actor…


Remember that bag I started working on? Over, under, over, under? I finished it. My eyes are slightly crossed, but I’m in love with the new ‘pattern’ and can’t wait to transcribe it from prototype into an actual line. I’m thinking big, chunky and water resistant- 100% cotton or maybe terry. Here’s the smaller, ‘dressier’ prototype:

Bag Prototype

“Princess” (also known as ‘my daughter’) has already staked her claims on the prototype, declaring it, “so cool” and “really really cute”. I suppose I will have to stick it in her stocking come Christmas.

An aside for you-

The other day the ladies at Bubba’s school (he’s the youngest for those who don’t know) were talking about crafting. I joined in and they demanded to see some of my work. This afternoon I brought in a few things and was declared ‘quite crafty’ and told that they, sadly, can not make anything to save their lives. I can’t even imagine living my life with that particular belief, but I pressed on and told them that really, they just needed to find the right craft ‘for them’. My thought- How can you work with 2 and 4 year olds all day and NOT be crafty?

Miss Christine didn’t make it by today (got caught in a meeting at work) but made up for it by sending pictures of her scrumptious flip-flops. Check these out!

Christine's Flip Flops I

Christine's Creation II

How cute are those? I can totally see flopping around the beach in ’em. Princess is already demanding a pair and asked if we could make them ourselves. ‘Gotta love a crafty kid!

I think that’s it for now…I’ll be working on the afghan tomorrow I think. Or maybe Rasterbating a new scarf motif…something with waves or dolphins…. Not sure yet.

Talk to you soon-



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