Moxie & Mel

{August 16, 2006}   Dear Mel-

Do you hate blank pages? I do. They stare up at you with some sort of bizarre expectation to be filled in with intelligent..something. I’m not feeling very good at that right now, so I’ll just jump right in.

I’ve been very busy the last few days. I finished the Sunset On The Dunes scarf and the All That Glitters scarf. The Sunset On The Dunes is a pretty little number that surprised me. I hated the yarn, which made it oh-so-interesting to see I loved the final product.

Here’s a quickie snapshot:

Sunset On The Dunes

All that glitters came out better than I could have hoped for too. I took your advice and went for fringe and it made the perfect finishing touch.

All That Glitters

I also made a belt…I’d rather not talk about how that came out. Let’s just say I learned a lot about belt-making and so-forth.

Now I’ve moved on to a special type of torture…creating a new bag pattern. Since we both know I’m not the type to sit around and PLAN on anything. Bags included. So I just decided to jump right in. My thought: Basket Weave.

Yep. That’s right! It’s brilliant, really, when you think about it; a tough-as-nails bottom for a sexy little drawstring bag, perfect for ..well…whatever. So I grabbed that yarn needle and set to work.

Now I’m living in a bad B movie…Revenge of the Basket Weave. See, I didn’t want to waste ‘good’ yarn so I used some of this slinky little cream stuff with a thin gold fiber. It’d be nice but it’s almost..well…scratchy.

Thin yarn. Basket weave. I’ll be here for months weaving over and under, over and under.

Wanna see? Of course you do…

Basket Weave

I’m holding out hope on it, even though I’m slightly off-center. But hey, it’s a prototype. It’s allowed flaws.
While I was sitting there (for hours. and hours) weaving the yarn my mind started drifting (surprise! lol) and I thought about the Three Fates from mythology. Ever heard of them?

Here’s a bit of 411 (from how cool is THAT url?!):

FATES: The three Greek Goddesses of Destiny and Fate.

Otherwise known as the Moirae, these timeless old hags weave the threads of destiny that control your life. The original spin doctors.

They are: CLOTHO who spins the Thread of Life, LACHESIS who allots the length of the yarn, and ATROPOS who does the snip (the final one).

All the good and evil that befalls you is woven into your destiny and cannot be altered even one jot. You may find this a little unfair, but it’s the stuff great Greek tragedies are made of.

While the threads we use aren’t nearly as important, it’s almost like what we do is …I dunno…preordained? Over, under, over, under, over, under. I came up with a little poem while I worked, based on these thoughts. Hope you like it!

dripping down
tangled in the whorl
spinning with the threads
wrapped up tight
measured against the rod
judged for balance
light and dark
cut to length with razored shears
this one long; that one short
woven into the fabric
the tapestry created
the scenes played out
the drama of our lives

Hope you like it!

Are you hard at work over there? I’d love to see some of your designs! How’s the weather in the frozen tundra? HAS to be better than the sweltering heat we’re wilting under!
I’m off to weave myself into a coma… have to be up early with the chitlins and Miss Christine is coming by to drop off the scrunchies and (check this out!) flip flops she’s adding to the shop.

Talk to you soon-



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